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Invite: Portland Diocese Congressional Debate National Qualifier

Debate and Speech

Greetings to all NCFL schools.

The Portland Diocese is please to host the NCFL Congressional Debate Qualifying Tournament in conjunction with the MFA State Tournament at Thornton Academy in Saco, Maine on Jan. 26th. NCFL member schools will participate in the chambers at the State Tournament to qualify for the NCFL Grand National Tournament in Milwaukee, Minnesota. 

To be eligible to qualify, students must be registered before January 26 in the separate Portland Diocese NCFL Qualifying Tournament in Tabroom. Schools will need to pay the entry fee of $7.00 per student. This will be a separate invoice than the State tournament invoice. There are no entry limits.

Three Congressional Debaters will qualify. One qualifier will be from the Senate and the other slots determined by scores across chambers. Alternates will be selected from the pool of students with the highest scores. Of course, if several more schools join our diocese, there could be a qualifier from every chamber.

Students who do not qualify for Congressional Debate on January 26 are free to enter the NCFL Speech and Debate Tournament on February 2 in a different event.

Checks should be made out to D’Arcy Robinson, CFL Director.

Contact D’Arcy Robinson at [email protected]with any questions.

Looking forward to a smooth and stimulating NCFL Congress Debate Qualifier.

D’Arcy F. Robinson, Portland Diocese Director