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Invitation: Halloween All Events Tournament @ Bangor High School

Debate and Speech

The Bangor High School Speech and Debate Team is pleased to invite you to an ALL Events Tournament – Speech, LD & PF Debate and Congressional Debate on October 24, 2015.


Registration must be made at Tabroom.com by 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday October 21.

Any questions, please contact Joe Pelletier by email, text or phone:

  • [email protected]
  • (c) 702-1734 (day of tournament)
  • (h) 945-0884
  • (w) 992-5558, ask for by name


Drops will be accepted until Friday October 23 at 5:00 p.m. Invoices will be prepared at that time.

No late adds will be accepted. Team fees are fixed as of this time (i.e., drop a student after 5 p.m., you still pay for them.)

Saturday drops at registration will be assessed an additional charge of $10.00 per student. If you have a drop on Saturday morning, please call Joe while en route to the tournament. It will help keep the tournament on schedule and you will avoid the additional $10 fee. A text saying that your team is all present and on the way would be appreciated on Saturday morning.

Please note judge conflicts, restrictions and experience in Tabroom and email any complicated situations to Joe.

Registration Fees

Entry fees are $7.00 per entry for Individual events (New schools $3.50); Teams (Duo and PF) are two entries ($14); Ensemble is $21 Entry fees will be capped at $140 per event; $210 per school entering in multiple events.

Judge Requirements

  • LD: one judge for every 2 LD entries
  • PF: one judge for every 2 teams
  • Speech: one judge for every 5 entries
  • Congressional Debate: one judge for every 5 entries.

Fractional entries round-up (i.e., three LD entries = 2 judges). The 3rd, 5th and 7th judge must be neutral for Speech, LD, PF

Fees for purchasing judges will be $60 per judge.

PLEASE have all judges finalized by 5:00 pm Friday, October 23.

There will be a limited number of extra judges available and you must clear your request by Wednesday by requesting a Hired Judge in Tabroom. Please help the meet run smoothly and fairly by supplying your required judges and by providing them with training in the category they are committed to. Remember a parent cannot judge the category in which their child is competing.

Large Speech teams: Please consider training judges to judge PF or Congress. We hope to have separate Congress judge panels for a.m. and p.m.

Judges are expected to be available for ALL rounds of competition. Half day judging is encouraged, but you must provide two half judges to equal one judge (one each, a.m. and p.m. available)


Please try to have judges bring some sort of timer/stopwatch. There are very few timers available for those who need them.


By tradition, Bangor again asks students to dress up in costumes for this tournament. This year’s costume theme is MUSIC. Students are asked to choose costumes that are acceptable for a school environment and to not have costumes that are related to their speech piece.


Breakfast items, lunch and snacks will be on sale for students in the cafeteria. Students should not leave the school. Complimentary breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks will be provided for coaches and judges.


  • LD: 3 levels, if numbers allow
  • PF: 2 levels, if numbers allow
  • CD: Sen/House, as needed
  • Speech: All Categories

In Speech, we offer to Novice categories – Novice Prose and Novice Poetry. Both of these events are for students who are competing in their first year of High School forensics.

In Debate, Novice categories are for students in their first year of High School forensics. JV LD is for second year debaters and first year debaters who have enjoyed success. Varsity categories are for debaters with more than a year of experience, or for students who wish to move up and try a high level of competition. Coaches retain discretion in placement due to unique circumstances. Please feel free to contact the tournament director for help in placement of students if needed.


LD September/October resolution:

Resolved: Adolescents ought to have the right to make autonomous medical choices.

PF October resolution:

Resolved: The United States Federal Government ought to pay reparations to African Americans.

Congress Docket

Legislation will be posted approximately a week in advance: Bangor Docket 2015.


Sweeps for Speech and Debate (inclusive of PF, LD and Congress) will go to the first five places. Individual awards for 1st – 5th in each category. We will again be recycling old trophies. Please advise your students that there will be a number of trophies to choose from, from a variety of contests and events.


8:00-8:30 Registration

8:45 Judges meeting in Judges’ Lounge & Student meeting in Cafeteria

Rounds will begin at 9:00

Awards at 5:00 (sooner if possible)

Student Lounge

Cafeteria – Students are asked to remain in the cafeteria when not in rounds

Judges Lounge

In library. You will be directed up the ramp from the registration table by Peakes Auditorium.

TAB Room

Directly across from the Library, in the Lecture Hall

Directions to Bangor HS

Exit I-95 at Exit 185 (Broadway), and turn right at the end of the off ramp. Stay in the right hand lane of Broadway. You will go straight through another five lights, passing Pizza Hut, McDonalds and Rite Aid. As you approach the sixth traffic light, you’ll see a sign saying right lane ends, as well as a blue directional sign for Bangor HS. Turn right at the light, go down Grandview Ave approximately 200 yards. As you pass the student parking lot, you will notice a road to the left. (Hobart Street, no sign). Turn left, drive up the hill, and turn into the High School driveway. Pull all the way up to Peakes Auditorium (the round part at the far end of the building). After unloading, busses are asked to park down in the student parking area, as we hope Bangor will be hosting Soccer games in the afternoon/evening.