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Council of Nine Announcement

Debate and Speech

Nominations sought for the Council of Nine; MFA Student Representative Group.

The Council of Nine is a student-elected group of three students from each of the
following MFA competition categories; Speech, Debate, and Congressional Debate. This
group of trusted, communicative, and experienced competitors meet together with the
organization’s Vice President regularly throughout the season at all-events tournaments
and communicate often in between about student-driven issues and offer constructive
feedback to the MFA’s Executive Board. These nine students are elected by their peers
at an all-events tournament early in the school year. They should be selected based on
their experience in competition, their willingness to listen to comments from their
peers, and ability to communicate those concerns to the MFA Executive Board via the
Vice President.

Any student interested may place their name in nomination with a short statement as to
why they are interested in serving on this committee. A coach or team member may also
nominate a student with a short description as to the students qualifications.

Click here to send nominations to
D’Arcy Robinson by Nov. 8, 2021.

I will compile a list of nominations and each nominated student will have an
opportunity to speak at the Virtual Tournament on Nov. 13, 2021. If a nominated
student is not in attendance, they may appoint another student to speak in their place or
send a statement to me and I will share it with the student body.

Voting will take place on Nov. 13th after the student presentations. The ballots will be
available via a link online. Voting will be opened until Nov. 17th and results will be
announced during the tournament on Nov. 20th.

I look forward to working with this committee!
D’Arcy F. Robinson, Vice President, MFA