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Announcement: Council of Nine Instagram Page

Debate and Speech

Exciting news, coaches!

The Council of Nine is creating a student-led Instagram page. We will be posting tutorials on how to navigate Tabroom, “Day in the Life of a Tournament” videos, and more! We’ve been wanting to attract some new faces and hopefully, this is the way to do it. On that note, we’re also looking for students to help make these videos. Unfortunately, we don’t cover all the categories of speech and debate in the Council (emphasis on the speech), and we want kids who have really done it before to speak about their experiences. We’d like to open the floor for any students to make a video answering some questions about speech and debate (provided by us). Making the video itself is very low pressure and low commitment and can be done really any time before the end of April. Students must be comfortable with us sharing this video and possibly ending up on the MFA/MPA official websites. Thank you so much for considering and happy speaking/debating! 

We’d love for you to share this message with your teams.

Warmly, the Council of Nine