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Debate and Speech

Minutes: Spring 2022 Coaches Meeting Minutes

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Minutes: Spring 2021 Coaches Meeting

VirtualMay 14, 2021 Attendees Lyndsy Denk (at large), D’Arcy Robinson (Poland Regional HS), Jason Curry (Greely HS), Randy Hughes-King (at large), Ellen Parent (Falmouth HS), Melanie Kyer (York HS), Kat Newcombe (Erskine Academy), Pat Spilecki (Lewiston HS), David Paye (Scarborough HS), Kailey Smith ((Lawrence HS (outgoing), Camden Hill HS (incoming)), Ben Grasso (Thornton Academy) Key…
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Minutes: 2020 Spring Coaches Meeting

VirtualMay 15, 2020 Summary of decisions and action items Below are a list of actions attendees voted to enact:  From the Spear fund, award $300 to the Maine State Champion of Humorous Interpretation and the remainder roll over into the principal. (The original award, which included covering transportation costs to the MPA annual meeting was…
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Minutes: 2019 Fall Coaches Meeting

Updated 10/8/19 Lewiston High School room V217, 156 East Avenue, LewistonSeptember 13, 2019 Attendees: Lyndsy Denk (Falmouth HS), Ellen Parent (at large), Brian Dodge (Deering HS), Jason Curry (Greely HS), Randy Hughes-King (at large), Kailey Smith (Lawrence HS), Dan Haskell (Cheverus HS), Gayle Giguere (Waterville HS), Nancy Hebert (Waterville HS), John Russell (Yarmouth HS), Larry…
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Minutes: Spring 2019 Coaches Meeting

These minutes detail the day’s conversations and highlight key decisions/announcements and action items.

Minutes: 2018 Fall Coaches Meeting

Coaches met on Sept 7 at Lewiston High School to finalize the 2018-2019 calendar and discuss business. These minutes provide detail of discussion and decisions.

Minutes: 2018 Spring Coaches Meeting

Lewiston High School, 156 East Avenue, Lewiston May 18, 2018 Attendees: Lyndsy Denk (Falmouth), Brian Dodge (Deering), Kelli Antonison (Richmond), Joe Pelletier (Bangor), Lisa Melanson (Cape Elizabeth),  Dick Mullen (Cape Elizabeth), Ellen Parent (at large), Nick Waldron (Erskine Academy), Dan Haskell (Cheverus), David Arenstam (Thornton Academy), D’Arcy Robinson (Poland), Matt Leland (Lincoln Academy), Pat Spilecki…
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Minutes: Fall 2017 Coaches Meeting

Lewiston High School room V217, 156 East Avenue, Lewiston September 8, 2017 Attendees: Pat Spilecki (Lewiston), Brian Dodge (Deering), Matt Leland (Lincoln Academy), Dan Haskell (Cheverus), Lyndsy Denk (Falmouth), Josh Denk (Falmouth), Amy Trunnell (Maranacook—outgoing), Patrick Forgue (Maranacook), Kailey Smith (Lawrence), D’Arcy Robinson (Poland Regional), Michele Adams (York), Larry Bartlett (Morse), Ellen Parent (at large),…
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Minutes: Spring 2017 Coaches Meeting

Lewiston High School, 156 East Avenue, Lewiston May 12, 2017 Attendees: Kris Deveau (Brunswick High School), David Arenstam (Thornton Academy), Amy Trunnell (Maranacook Community High School), Jason Curry (Greely High School), Ellen Parent (at large), Michelle Adams (York High School), Veronica Foster (Biddeford High School), Pat Spilecki (Lewiston High School), Lyndsy Denk (Falmouth High School),…
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