Extemporaneous Speaking Topics

2017-2018 Extemp Topics (click to print)

Updated January 11, 2018

Competitors in Extemporaneous Speaking should research current events based on the following topics. Maine tournaments offer a consolidated Extemporaneous Speaking event. Prior to the start of round 1, each competitor will announce their topic preference (domestic or foreign). The topics they pull will be from that chosen area.

As of the Fall 2017 Coaches Meeting, topics introduced in December and January will be specified by student choice voting. Students will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite out of a list of topics.



September, October, and November: Climate change

  • Storm frequency and damage
  • Effects of government regulations and deregulations
  • Economic impacts

Policies in America

  • Deregulation
  • States rights
  • Immigration

The economy

  • Congressional actions, tax cuts
  • Executive orders
  • Job creation

  • US/China trade
  • North Korea
  • Religious strife


  • US relations
  • Stability of governing body
  • Sanctions

Middle East

  • Syria
  • Israel, Palestine
  • Turkey/US relations
  • Egypt
December add: Health care in America

  • Court decisions
  • Congressional actions
  • Plight of uninsured Americans

Student choice:

  • Gun control
The international economy

  • EU after Brexit
  • China‚Äôs influence
  • Emergence of India economy

Student choice:

  • International politics
January add: Student choice:

  • #METOO
  • Net neutrality
Student choice:

  • Brexit
  • EU after Britain

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