Bills and Resolutions Deadlines

2017-2018 Season

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For each tournament offering Congressional Debate, we need legislation written by students and teams to debate. Find resources to help you draft here. Email your legislation (Google Docs preferred) to the Congressional Debate Moderator Paul Bibeau.

The deadlines below are firm to ensure we are able to share dockets in a timely fashion.

Deadline For (tournament location and date)
Oct 4 Lincoln Academy (Oct 14)
Oct 18 Bangor (Oct 28)
Nov 8 Deering (Nov 18)
Nov 22 Medomak Valley (Dec 2)
Nov 29 Poland (Dec 9)
Dec 6 Maranacook (Dec 16)
Dec 21 Thornton Academy (Jan 6)
Jan 3 York (Jan 13)
NSDA Congressional Debate District Tournament (Jan 20)
Jan 17 Maine State Tournament (Jan 27)
NCFL Qualifying Tournament (Jan 31)