Agenda: Spring 2019 Coaches Meeting

All are welcome to join us at the Spring Coaches Meeting. Membership is not required.

Lewiston High School, 156 East Avenue, Lewiston
May 17, 2019

8:30 Breakfast and General Talking

8:55 Welcome and introductions

  • Vote on Parliamentarian for the meeting

9:00 Officers’ Reports

  • Secretary Lyndsy Denk (Falmouth)
    • Approval of Fall Meeting minutes
  • Treasurer ­­Ellen Parent (at-large)
    • Lunch ordering
    • Approval of Treasurer’s Report
  • Vice President D’Arcy Robinson (Poland)
  • President Brian Dodge (Deering)
    • Year report

9:30 Moderator’s reports

  • Speech: Kailey Smith (Lawrence) and Pat Spilecki (Lewiston)
  • Congressional Debate: Jason Curry (Greely)
  • Lincoln Douglas: Matt Leland (Lincoln Academy)
  • Public Forum: Joe Pelletier (Bangor)

10:00 Technology committee report (Lyndsy Denk, Ellen Parent)

10:15 Elections

  • President-elect
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • All moderators


2019-2020 Calendar

Old Business (none known)

New Business

  • Trigger warnings (K. Smith) Best practices for delivering trigger warning, allowing competitors to excuse themselves from the room, how judges should manage/evaluate.
  • Original Works definition around programs (K. Smith)
  • Alignment of middle school competition season (L. Denk)
  • NSDA rules proposals and how they affect the MFA (J. Pelletier)
    • Debate and extemp internet rules
    • Debate tiebreakers and eliminations
  • NFHS Speech and Debate Framework (D. Robinson, B. Dodge)

2:30 Adjournment

Post Meeting

  • Portland CFL report (Director D’Arcy Robinson)
  • Maine NSDA report (District Chair Joe Pelletier)
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